Our award-winning team prides ourselves on working with partners to create interesting, unexpected and unique experiences. Our collaborations are designed to deliver incremental value to our partners’ businesses. GRAZIA has a wide range of solutions to suit almost any kind of marketing and media mix. We offer branded content, video, integration into editorial franchises, innovative high impact ad units and local events.

Marne Schwartz // General Manager
Nicole Keats Torrance // COO
Justine O’Donnell // Content Director
Dane Stojanovic // Art Director
Patti Andrews // Art Director
Charlotte Stokes // Fashion Director
Aileen Marr // Fashion Director
Daisy May Uffindell // Fashion Assistant
Rachel Sharp // Fashion News Director
Jessica Bailey // Entertainment Editor
Nicholas Carolan // Culture Editor
Chrisanthi Kaliviotis // Beauty Editor
Erin Van Der Meer // Contributing Editor
Erika Yin // Chinese Content Contributor
Rhys Thomas // Sales Director
Therese Zarb // Commercial Content Manager
Janice Falconer // New Business Director
Marnie Dibden Cate // Brand Manager
Laura Cordaiy // Campaigns and Experiential Manager
Uzziel Niduaza //Account Manager
Zoe de Jong // Internal Accountant



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