Without putting too fine a point on it… It appears that in the last few years humans have become the worst kind of virus on our beautiful planet. We seemed to have forgotten that we have no where else to go if we screw this home up…. Oh, and yes… we’re royally screwing it up right now.

So what’s the answer? Well, a large chunk of humanity have opted to use “faith” to answer all their problems. Irrespective of which religion, a lot of humans are sitting back, chilling out with the ‘don’t worry, God’s going to fix all this..’ vibe. (This article is not giving an opinion on religion, or future religious predictions.)

With over 1.5 million followers, we get to see opinions of folks from all over the planet and it’s really incredible just how many people actually throw abuse in our direction and call us idiots (sometimes far worse) whenever we mention the fact that maybe the planet is getting warmer. Clearly the fact that Obama, and nearly every other country in the world agreeing that something needs to be done to prevent the warming is not enough for some ‘highly educated’ people.

Given that the majority of baby-boomers and Gen-X are pretty much stuck in their ways, the future of the planet is now in the hands of the ultra-elite, who only really care for money and power, and then in the other corner, we have the Gen Y/Millennials.

Let’s make a wild assumption that the the ultra-elite are not going to do anything to make a change because it could affect their Disney Dollars too much. That just leaves the kids.

That’s right kids, despite sounding like the opening of an action movie, the future of our planet really does lie in your hands.

Here are the good deeds that really could mean your children live to have their own children. #Deep


It’s so sad that in 2016, we need a label to distinguish natural products from toxic products. But yes, buy Organic clothes, eat Organic food. If you are about to say “But organic is more expensive”, That is true, but the harsh reality is that your bank balance will mean nothing when you are dead, but hopefully you’re future children will mean something. So it’s time we all stop complaining about the cost of our future.


Seems obvious right? But I bet you have a mobile phone, or 3 in your drawer at home. Eventually, during your next spring clean, you’ll bin it. Why not find it now, and donate it. Don’t forget your iPhone from last year is still more powerful than most computers a few years ago. Someone could find it useful. We don’t have a magic shoot that takes our garbage in to outer space. When you dump garbage, it’s just going down the street and sitting there. Soon, that garbage dump will be so huge, that the planet will look like a scene from Idiocracy (a terrible movie, with a surprisingly thought provoking theme about our future)


Have you planted even a shrub, an herb, or a tree this year? this decade? ever? Because we’ve all used more than a trees worth of paper in our lifetime. Something to ponder hey?


Try your best to not contribute to anything that kills wildlife. Our eco-system is ever so delicate.


It’s not a niche fad any more. All major car manufacturers make EV’s now. The new Telsa 3 is super affordable. The traditional petrol combustion engine was invented in 1864, not 1964, EIGHTEEN SIXTY FOUR! Yes, you are driving a car that use sh*tty tech from over 150 years ago. What the heck.


There is a strong chance that you are not a world class athlete… Perhaps you wish you went to the gym more often. If so, wake up a bit earlier, and walk to work, even if it’s raining on the walk home, enjoy it. It’s only water, it won’t kill you.


Most home can now opt for sustainable energy supplies. Switch your supply to green energy. Or even better, rather than invest your savings in meaningless ‘shares’, why not invest in the planet (our home) and get some solar panels on your roof. If your state, government or supplier WONT let you go solar, shouldn’t you ask why?


The consumption of a laptop is far less than that of a desktop. You’ll help the planet and save heaps on your home electricity bills.


Typically, you’d assume that using less water would mean, shorter showers and turning off your tap when you brush your teeth. The harsh reality of our water consumption is very well hidden by the Agriculture industry.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.



When was the last time you did something selfless?Homeless people don’t actually want to be homeless, be kind to them. Dogs don’t want to live in a cage until they are put to death, adopt one.

Being selfless is a huge mind shift, but if you do practice selflessness, your whole outlook on life will change. The survival of our planet depends on a universal love. I urge you to start today.

In all things, love.