For the un-initiated, Gentsac is about to change your life. The arduous task of male grooming has been simplified beyond belief.

If you are like me, over the course of a month, you run out of body wash (so start to use your girlfriends shampoo instead), then you run out of shaving foam (so you start to use your girlfriends shampoo instead), then you run out of razor blades (so you start to use your girlfriends razor instead)… It’s really only when I run out of toothpaste, that I force myself to head to the chemist, and as quickly as I can, purchase all my exhausted bathroom items without giving it too much thought.

Men tend to have less brand loyalty towards grooming products, often opting towards convenience over brand. This doesn’t stop with shower items, most men would buy their underwear at the dollar store if it were more convenient than heading to the department store in your town.

However, as most men know deep down, personal grooming is important for so many reasons and that is where Gentsac come in.

The Gentsac system at it’s core is a monthly subscription business. You pay them each month (or two or three), and ultimately, they’ll send you the cool versions of all your grooming essentials regularly.

Given that we travel so much, I had to check out Gentsac to review the whole system and see how it works.

To my delight, Gentsac is super easy.

I chose my preferred subscription model, selected how regularly I wanted to receive my goodies, told them my pant and sock size and I was done. The process took me 3 minutes. I could have customised the pack more if I had wanted, but The Modern Man pack seemed to have everything I needed.

For $199 a month, the Gentsac sits at the higher end of grooming budgets for many men, but the RRP of the individual items you receive is significantly more than the cost of the subscription so it’s a win/win situation really.

For me, receiving a new pair of socks and undies each month is great. I love the feeling of new socks, and given my dog loves to hide/chew/eat my socks, I think I’m going to find this subscription very, very useful.

Order your Gentsac today from their website.