I am so excited about this post! I was a busy little bee this weekend with my super cool green project. I’ve been interested in having my very own vegetable patch for such a long time, but given I live in an inner-city apartment, planting and maintaining a garden seemed a tad futile… until I found the GLOWPEAR Urban Garden from AHALife.

Last week while I was browsing on AHALife I stumbled across this incredibly cool device. It’s an urban garden that waters itself. Not only does it look contemporary and minimal but it is literally perfect for my lifestyle. So I got my hands on one and started planting away. This was SO much fun and I made sure I filmed it so you can check out the results (and my mad gardening skills!).

I kept it really simple for this first one and planted a cocktail of French Lavender, Nyalla, Tasred, and Agapanthus. But I’m completely blown away with how quick, easy, and most importantly fun it was so I have a few more planters on the way and I’m going straight in with herbs and veggies. I can’t wait to start making summer salads right from my balcony!

Get your Glowpear Urban Garden today from this link and don’t forget to tag me in your photos so I can see your garden! ?