In preparation for my wedding, I’ve decided to grow out my hair. But the transition from my “lob” to full-length hair means that I have to endure the dreaded awkward mid-length phase. But here are some handy tips to help you get through this stage.


Layer up! Add some layers throughout your hair to help you achieve volume and texture. Not only will this add some character to your hair, but the task of styling your mid-length locks will be so much easier!

When it comes to styling, a big barrel curling iron will be your best friend! I have been using my curling iron with a 30mm wide wand which is perfect to throw large messy curls and texture throughout my hair.

Make sure you include volume-assisting products to your daily hair routine. I am currently loving Davines’ Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer and any texture powder to add to the roots.


Try out vitamin-rich supplements that aid hair, skin and nail growth to help speed up the process! I have noticed such a huge difference from using DMK EFA Ultra every morning.

TIP 3: hair accessories

My hair accessory collection has grown by a crazy amount since starting my transition to longer hair! I find that adding hair scarves or ribbons to my ponytail or messy bun helps distract attention from my actual hair. Plus they add such a cute detail to any outfit!


If you’d rather skip the awkward phase altogether, then investing in a set of quality hair extensions is perfect for you! Simply add some layers throughout your extensions to help blend in with the layers of your actual hair. I use LUXY hair extensions which you can purchase with my discount code: LUXYPIA

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