Darling Harbour, has always been one of Sydney’s top tourist attractions, and as a result is often overlooked as a hotspot for Sydney-siders. However, over recent years Darling Harbour has experienced a huge overhaul, making it better not just for tourists, but locals alike.

The Meat and Wine Co, has been situated on the harbour since 2000 and offers incredible views of the harbour day and night. In fact during good weather, the entire front of the restaurant opens to allow unrestricted viewing of the harbour… and it makes it an ideal place to people watch too!

As you’d expect from the name the restaurant has a focus on meat… and wine… but thankfully for someone like myself that tends to avoids eating meat, the selection of food is incredible.

As well as a wide and varied menu, the Meat and Wine Co have a HUGE wine selection, many within a very reasonable price range.

The restaurant spans a number of floors with the huge open kitchen on the ground floor which makes for interesting viewing whilst you are waiting for your food to be prepared.

The Meat and Wine Co, is a great location for date night, or if you have friends from out of town, head there on a Saturday night as they often have fireworks in the harbour which makes the incredible dessert just that little bit more special.

The Meat and Wine Co, often sits at 100% capacity on busy nights, so booking a table is essential. To do so, visit the website.