I’ve been digging through some data… you know, standard Wednesday night for a girl (ha ha!), and I’ve added together all my Facebook Image Views (girls, it’s available on the ‘insights’ section of your FB page), along with the views on Imgur, which the lovely Redditors have posted (yes, I’m on Reddit, but I doubt you’ll find me!), along with my total number of Instagram likes so far (thanks to the great stats at Iconosquare), and it comes to over 3 million!!! OMG! I literally can’t believe that this time last year, I was finishing my law degree and going in to a job as a lawyer and now I’m lucky enough to be doing something far more exciting!

In other news, my little sportswear line, SLINKII, is about to be stocked in Singapore, which is kinda cool… mainly because it gives me a reason to visit Singapore! You know… Business expenses, and all that jazz!!!

I’m really excited to see how SLINKII grows this year, I view last year as preparation, I went through a heap of issues, and I ran out of money like 3 times too, but it’s all going in the right direction now, so here’s to a good 2015!