After a whirlwind trip to Paris with Universal Pictures we flew back to Sydney with Qatar Airways. Now with business class, so long as there is a ‘flat bed’ scenario happening, I feel like I’ve got a great deal. (Yes, some business class flights don’t always offer flat beds) However, when boarding Qatar Airways’ new Boeing 777ER, I was surprised to see my seat was not only a flat bed, but also facing the ‘wrong’ way.

To maximise your space when flying Business Class, Qatar have fitted out the 777ER fleet with what they call the Q Suite; an ingenious design that jigsaw’s the seat allocation together to allow greater legroom, in a more efficient footprint. As a result, Pia and I were facing backwards, (which is a surreal experience taking off btw!) and the seats behind and in front of us where facing the correct way.

One of the benefits of this design is the ability for couples travelling together, to remove the centre divider and slide the flat beds together to allow a double bed-ish experience. Sliding doors on the cabins add an extra level of privacy giving Qatar’s Business Class seats an almost First Class experience.

As with most Business class flights, the menu offering was fantastic, and on-demand. The touch screen TV was stacked with more than enough video content, and the seat has enough ports to charge all your devices through your flight.

Qatar Airways are in the process of rolling out the Q Suite through it’s entire Business Class. They just raised the bar for all airlines.