I’ve been eyeing up the Lekker range of bicycles for a while now, so to my surprise AND excitement, I woke up on Sunday morning to notice I had crossed 900k followers on Instagram. After a little happy dance (yep.. I’m that girl) I walked out in to the kitchen to see a big cardboard box…. I mean, a BIG cardboard box. To my delight, when I opened it, Kane had gotten me a Lekker bike in my favourite colour. It seems like all the times I strategically left the Lekker website open on my desk finally paid off! ?

Because the bike arrived flat packed, it required a little handy work, to attach things like the front wheel, handle bar, lights and basket. After spending around an hour putting the bike together (and having my Mr Muscles tightening the bolts for me!) I took it out for a spin.

I have to say, it’s a dream to ride, the way the handlebars are shaped means you ride in a more upright position to most bicycles, which makes it really lovely and relaxing to ride. I’ll be honest, this is the first bike I’ve ridden that has gears… How did I ever get by without them!

Most importantly, the front basket has room for two bottles of wine. LOL ? Best. Bike. Ever!

Here are the snaps from my first outing on my new Lekker bike.