With the new year here, we are inspired to update and refresh our home. Forget minimalism and succulents, here are the new home design trends that we are seriously loving right now.


Resort Style Home

Create the ultimate luxe holiday vibe in your home by combining raw rattan pieces, with linen covers and a variety of tropical indoor plants. Every morning will feel like you’re waking up on a tropical island!


Mixed Metallics

Whether it’s a statement metallic table in the living room, or small copper pot plants scattered around the home, adding metallics around the home is the perfect way to add visual contrast and character to your abode. Get creative and play around with different colour metals like copper, brass, gold and silver.



Arguably, the biggest trend predicted for this year is based on the Japanese lifestyle philosophy of “wabi-sabi”. This is about finding beauty in imperfections in all aspects on your life. When it comes to styling your living space, embrace the natural wear and tear of pieces throughout your home and show off frayed details, rust, dents and scratches. You can also add rough linen sheets, furniture made of natural materials and hand-crafted homewares throughout your home.


Patterned Plants

Move over succulents, this year is all about patterned plants. On Pinterest, the number of saves for “patterned plants” increased by 533%, and it’s not hard to see why! We are loving this gorgeous Calathea plant below.



With maximalism, more is more! This trend is all about adding complementary layers throughout your home that incorporate a variety of textures, tones and colours. Whether you love rustic, vintage-glam or Victorian decor, find a decorating theme that best suits you and go with it. We are absolutely in love with this bohemian-luxe inspired maximalism styling.


Wood Details

Earthy tones and elements are having a moment right now, and what better way to embrace this trend than by adding wood details throughout the home. They add warmth to your living space, while also keeping it modern and contemporary. If you want to get creative, try mixing wood tones and incorporate some beautiful dark wood into your home.