I’ve been asked a fair few times in the last couple of weeks how I keep my teeth white, so I thought I’d write a mini-post about it on my site explaining what I use, and more importantly why…

Some of you already know this, but I’m on a little mission to try to keep my lifestyle as ‘clean’ as possible when it comes to what I eat and use daily. If I can use an organic moisturiser over a chemical based one, I will. In no way, shape or form, am I living a flawlessly clean lifestyle, but I am actively trying not to include too many chemicals in my day-to-day routine.

I’ve found that as you grow from a teenager to a woman, it’s really easy to mimic the habits of those around you, be it your siblings, family or friends. Most of the time, we all fall into the trap of seeing a beautiful girl on TV advertising some magical product, and without thought you buy it because you’ve seen your mum or friend use it too. I was in the shower a while back, and randomly started to read the ingredients on my face wash, and I had a moment where I realised “goodness, I literally don’t have a clue what any of these chemicals are, and more importantly, there are about 40 of them in this supposedly ‘natural’ face wash.” What on earth was I rubbing into my skin!

At that point I decided that where possible I would try to make an active change in my daily habits, and try to limit the amount of chemicals I put in my system.

With my teeth whitener, all my friends were using a big-brand Teeth Whitening Strip system, so I googled the name of the brand and the word ‘ingredients’ after it. Low and behold, the product (albeit functional) was full of long word chemicals. I had no idea what any of these things did, so why are all my friends so happy to put them on their teeth and gums… Seems crazy when you think about it!

I’ve been using Warpaint, which is a blend of products based on Coconut Charcoal amongst other natural ingredients that does a great job to keep my teeth sparkly white. Yes, it does taste a bit powdery and of ‘nothing’. Yes, it does make a mess in the sink after I spit it out. But I do know what every ingredient is, and seeing as I rub it on my teeth and gums every day, that gives me peace of mind.

When you use a product, please do take the time to look at the ingredients. Just because a big brand has paid a heap of money to advertise on TV, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something you should really want to use in or on your body. Treat your body with respect, and it will repay you a thousand times over.