I don’t know about you but the worst part of travelling for Kane and I is how difficult it is to carry around all our luggage. Dealing with boarding passes and passports and checking for the 17th time that you haven’t lost your wallet can be so difficult when you are also carrying both your checked luggage, your carry on and your boyfriends drone because he needs b-roll.


Luckily Bugaboo has come up with this amazing new luggage system that makes the whole airport experience so much easier! Bugaboo is normally known for their prams but they have branched out into the travel market and I am so glad they have!


Their new luggage system is made so that all the bags connect together. This makes it so easy to carry around the airport. Each piece is also fully removable making the system extremely customisable, you can choose to take the large checked bag with a smaller cabin case or even add a small brief case. This means there are more than 6 combinations of easy to use baggage to choose from. The stand is also collapsable for easy stowing on your aircraft.


Additionally the “light touch” steering mechanism means that even if your running for final boarding, like we always are, your bags will never slow you down.