Hu’u is more than ‘just a villa’. Hu’u is built around the concept of a house… a massive house. The way the whole property is designed is meant to make you feel at home. The bar and restaurant mimic ‘the living room’, which opens out in to the ‘the garden’, a beautiful outdoor bar area with pool and DJ’s (on certain nights).

Each villa (and the one Penthouse) are fully equipped homes in their own right too, featuring personal pools, a full kitchen, living area and bedroom/bathroom.

Hu’u Bar is adjacent to the restaurant and is a regular hotspot attracting big name international DJ’s. Interestingly enough, the design of the property meant we couldn’t hear the music at all from the villa which was super cool.

The chefs at Hu’u Villas are world class, offering up incredible renditions of dishes such as Watermelon Sushi, and a set of desserts to die for. I was so lucky to arrive the same day they were tasting the new menu, so I got to taste pretty much everything!

Located in the heart of Seminyak, you are just a few minutes away from must see spots such as the W bar and Potato Head Beach Club, as well as the now famous ‘Eat Street’ (not the real name, but there are so many incredible restaurants on this one strip its name has been sort of adopted in!).

Each night around 5pm the wait staff will come to your villa and prepare your home for night living, closing the curtains, preparing your bed, leaving you sweets on your table and ensuring all your mosquito coils are lit. It was a lovely touch.

If you are planning a stay in Seminyak, Hu’u Villas should be one of your choices.


The Pool in the Penthouse

The Pool in the villa
The Pool in the Penthouse
The Penthouse Bedroom
The Penthouse Living Room
The Penthouse Kitchen
Food from the Restaurant
The Garden

Wearing: Natasha Gan & Kokoh Bikini