I had seen photos of Le Meridien so many times before coming here and let me tell you, it’s even more visually breathtaking in real life. The resort is art. And I mean every aspect of it has been designed to delight. From the overhanging water features, to the quaint gelato shop, the aesthetic just worked so well.

I loved the concept of the saltwater lagoon here because it was literally the way I got around. I was on the ground floor so my room opened up to the lagoon which connected to everything else. So if I fancied a drink or a lie in the sun, I would just hop in and swim across. Perfect. Lucky I have the waterproof casing on my GoPro!

The suite was very spacious and I felt really ‘at home’ here. It was warm and open plan with the most amazing marble bathroom I’ve ever seen! There was also a generous desk where I was happily getting my work done. Yes, I’m still working!! The SLINKII show must go on!

The food at Bamboo Chic was?one of the best places I’ve eaten in Bali. Breakfast was an impressive buffet that?had beautiful details like little test tubes filled with cinnamon syrup for your yoghurt. It’s all in the details here and it really makes the experience. At lunch, instead of bread rolls they brought appetisers of edamame and popcorn. I don’t know why but I loved it! Now I want popcorn every day.

The resort is located right on Jimbaran Bay which features a host of famous seafood barbecue restaurants. I went there for dinner one night and the entire beach was lit with the candles of people dining. Just beautiful.

Key attractions to look out for at Le Meridien;

  • Smoqee Sky Bar – The rooftop bar is a great spot for beachside sunsets, it’s ‘smokey’ because you get the aroma of the BBQ restaurants below, it definitely gets the tastebuds going.
  • Art – Le Meridien has a focus on showcasing artistic talent with the entrance constantly changing its exhibits.
  • Menega – a very famous seafood BBQ restaurant is right in the backyard.
  • Master baristas making your coffee -?I’ll tell you more about it… but first… coffee.

My Back in Bali friends let you stay for 3 nights, pay for two. Nice!

The wedding chapel
Smoquee Bar Rooftop sunsets
Rooftop sunsets
Waiting for a mate
The villas
Pool side
The resort
The resort
Gelato whenever you like!