Due to my busy and active lifestyle, my day-to-day schedule can become quite demanding, making it tough to maintain a good skincare regime and give my skin the care it needs. This is why I was so excited to find a big box of Adore Cosmetics sitting in the Finding The Finer office just waiting to be reviewed!

Their products are completely organic, and are loaded up with lots of vitamins, essential oils and other naturally-based ingredients. But, the truly unique aspect of this range is that each product is powered by organic plant-based stem cells. This is their secret to giving you anti-aging results, restoring your general skin health and promoting longevity. There is so much research, innovation and breakthrough technology that goes into producing this luxurious skin care line.

After experimenting with their range, it wasn’t long before they worked their way into my daily routine. Not only did I notice instant results, but there is a huge improvement in the overall appearance and elasticity of my skin. My current favourites from this range include the “Skin Tightening Face Lift”, the “Superior Supplement Facial Thermal Mask”, and “Intensive Body Butter”. They leave my skin feeling healthy, reinvigorated and looking youthful.

You won’t come across a more luxurious skin care range. They even offer a 24 Karat Gold Facial Mask for whopping $3,300! If you’re wanting to pamper your skin and add a bit of luxury into your routine, then Adore Cosmetics  might just be perfect for you. However the price tag may be prohibitive for many.