I am absolutely loving my new short hair! This is my go-to everyday hairstyle and is the perfect look that would suit anyone with a lob. It’s great for your day-to-day errands, whilst also being appropriate for work or big nights out on the town.

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Step 1: Starting with damp hair, massage hairstyling primer throughout your hair.

Step 2: Take your volume hair mousse and push it all throughout your hair, starting from your roots and working towards the end.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair upside down.

Step 4: Seperate the top two-thirds of your hair and clip it up, leaving the lower third out.

Step 5: Use a round barrel brush to blow dry your hair. Work in small parts and all away around the lower third portion of your hair.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 for the middle third portion of your hair. And repeat again for the top third portion of your hair.

Step 7: With your dry hair, repeat step 4 and divide your hair into thirds, leaving the lower portion out.

Step 8: For each third, use a 19mm curling iron to add curls throughout. When curling, leave a couple centimetres at the end out, so you are just putting kinks rather than full curls. Make sure you alternate between curling towards the front and towards the back for a more textured look.

Step 9: Repeat for the top two thirds. Do not brush your curls out.

Step 9: Apply volume spray throughout your roots.

Step 10: Flip your hair upside down and use your hands to massage your entire scalp in circular motions to loosen the curls.

Step 11: With your hair flipped upside down, spray a low to medium hold hair spray to keep your curls in place. And you’re done!

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